A killer JHS Pollinator V2 Fuzz in excellent shape. Setting marks added.

The controls on the Pollinator are Volume, Gain, Fuzz, and Bias. The Volume control has been updated on the V2 for more headroom and overall power. The Gain control acts as a control for how much the front of the pedal is getting pushed and works together with the Fuzz control to give you a hive-full of tones from gritty overdrive to heavy fuzz. The best way to start is by turning the Gain and Fuzz all the way up and working backward from there to experiment with the tones the Pollinator has to offer. The Pollinator also cleans up with your guitar's volume knob fantastically just like a classic fuzz should. The Bias knob works to control the amount of power going to the germanium transistors which allows you to tailor the character of the fuzz when at its highest gain settings. This paired with the Gain and Fuzz knobs give you unparalleled control over your fuzz tone.

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