This is a great overdrive pedal with tons of volume headroom. If you’re after something that can give a substantial volume boost in addition to cool Vox AC30ish overdrive this is perfect. I was after a Greer Lightspeed when I demoed this and I actually preferred it, it has a similar transparent quality but a little more character and chime to my ears.

Manufacturers desc-
The Red Eyes is a true-to-grit overdrive with a classic sense of gain and a modern conception of use. Fantastic attack response on all gain settings and un-relenting level headroom. Our customers rave over the dynamics and picking response. The overdrive circuit is linked to dual LED's, the "Eyes", which glow on and off as a direct reaction to your playing. Very responsive to guitar and pickup selection. This pedal has everything from subtle tweedish nuances to a powerful dense overdrive with gain to spare.

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