Why do I need to create an account? Essentially to increase accountability. If a user is selling dysfunctional items without saying so, we can handle it. If a bot is spamming the site, we can handle it. Accounts also allows the buyer to review the seller (much like ebay and Reverb) 

How do I reset my password? Login > Forgot password? 

How do I change my password? You can do this on the EDIT PROFILE page.

Do I get a refund if my featured item doesn't sell? Unfortunately not. You may choose to lower your price or repost at a later date.

I purchased an item, but I am not happy with it. What are my options?  You may report the ad/user if the ad was deliberately misleading. We suggest researching your purchases beforehand, and testing in person where possible.

Can I report an ad? Yes. At the bottom of every ad, there's a REPORT THIS AD button. 

I'm composing an ad and my photos are upside down. This is just the way the photos are encoded - they will be the right way up when the ad is live.

How do I deactivate my ad? Go to your profile > my advertisements and click the yellow box next to the ad.

How do I reactivate my ad? Go to your profile > my advertisements and click the orange box next to the ad.

How long will my ad stay up? Postings are live for 90 days, then automatically deactivated.