Early 80s - maybe 1983? Made in Korea Antares AV25-RC. Super cool guitar with amazing red sparkle humbuckers. Guitar is playable, but needs work if you plan on playing it on a regular basis. I dont know if they're finish cracks or wood cracks you can see in the pictures at the neck joint and lower fretboard by the nut. I'm leaning towards finish cracks at the heel and wood crack at the lower fretboard since the neck seems to be only on one side, but I cant be sure. The fretboard seems to be solid, so possibly it was fixed. The fretboard is also missing 2 pearloid dots. Missing the black truss rod cover, but I think it looks better without it. Slight checking in binding, but looks solid. If you didn't want to deal with repair of the guitar, you could always yank the pickups and put them in something else. They sound pretty good!

Let me know if you have any questions, or need any more pics.